David S. Stephens, PhD

Stephen W. Schwarzmann Distinguished Professor and Division Director

Infectious Diseases, Medicine

Vice President for Research

Woodruff Health Sciences Center

ARTDTP Research Discipline

The Stephens group is studying how S. pneumoniae uses multidrug efflux pumps to resist macrolide antibiotics, the population biology and evolution of antibiotic resistance in the pneumococcus, the genetic regulation of resistance and the impact of bacterial vaccination strategies on antibiotic resistance. Dr. Stephens is also PI of the Atlanta Clinical & Translational Science Institute, an NIH-funded CTSA that provides important scientific platforms and training and educational opportunities for junior investigators. He has also been instrumental in formulating the QED Alliance, which will provide joint funding opportunities for Emory and Queensland faculty for collaborative studies on the development and marketing of anti-infective compounds.

ARTDTP Faculty Collaborators

William M. Shafer, PhD

David S. Weiss, PhD