Daniel Kalman, PhD

Associate Professor

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

ARTDTP Research Discipline

The general goal of the Kalman laboratory is to understand how bacterial and viral pathogens interface with the host and overcome defenses and to use this information to develop novel intervention strategies. They have focused on two mechanistic aspects of this interface: (i) the immunological detection and clearance of the infection, and (ii) host systems utilized by the pathogen to facilitate infection. Their work has focused on four pathogens: enteropathogenic E. coli (and the related enterohemmorhagic E. coli, the cause of "raw hamburger disease”), vaccinia virus (a relative of variola virus, the cause of smallpox), Polyomaviruses, and M. tuberculosis. Their translational work has led them and the AIDS Clinical Trial Group to begin developing a protocol and trial for an FDA-approved anti-cancer therapeutic in humans with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. 

ARTDTP Faculty Collaborators

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

Philip N. Rather, PhD

Thomas M. Shinnick, PhD

David S. Weiss, PhD