Graeme L. Conn, PhD


Department of Biochemistry

ARTDTP Research Discipline

Research interests of the Conn laboratory include ribosomal RNA (rRNA) methyltransferase enzymes that confer bacterial resistance to aminoglycosides and other classes of antibiotic, and viral non-coding RNA (ncRNA) structure and activity against RNA-regulated proteins of the human host cell antiviral response (PKR and OAS1). Goals in the first area include the development of a detailed structural-mechanistic understanding of antibiotic-resistance rRNA methyltransferase function and activity. Also, in a new collaboration with colleagues at Clemson University, the Conn laboratory is investigating the potential of the “rRNA methylome” as a novel target for antibiotic development. In the second area of interest, in addition to fundamental biochemical and structural studies of viral ncRNA function and inhibition of host cell proteins, in collaboration with groups at Cornell and Numerate Inc., the laboratory is exploring the development of novel antibacterial and antiviral strategies that target host cell factors. Through these projects, students in the Conn laboratory receive a broad training and a set of widely applicable skills through the diverse molecular, biochemical and biophysical approaches this research employs. Students also gain deeper insight into collaborative research with scientists in other disciplines through numerous active local, national and international collaborations. 

ARTDTP Faculty Collaborators

Christine M. Dunham, PhD

Joanna B. Goldberg, PhD

William M. Shafer, PhD

David S. Weiss, PhD